Do I need to provide furniture?

Landlord’s need to provide the following:

  • Fridge/Freezer (size dependent on size of property)
  • Gas or Electric cooker
  • Nets & Heavy curtains to windows
  • Lampshades to all light fittings
  • Space and plumbing for washing machine

Where the property is required to be furnished, The Jolly Landlord will be able to determine the specific requirements and advise you at the initial inspection. The furnishings provided will be expected to last the full term of the lease agreement.

What condition does the property have to be in?

After the Initial Inspection a ‘Works Report’ will be drawn up, free of charge, by one of our Negotiators, providing a definitive list of any works needed in order for your property to meet the required standards. To help you understand the requirements please view the ‘Key Property Standards’

Will I be responsible for carrying out the necessary works to ensure my property meets the required standards?

Before the lease begins you will be responsible for ensuring the property meets the required standards. The Jolly Landlord has long-standing working relationships with recommended contractors who can undertake works if you need assistance in arranging this. We will ensure that all works detailed in the ‘Works Report’ will be carried out in a timely and professional manner.

Will I be responsible for the Utilities?

Up until the property is tenanted all utilities will continue to be your responsibility. As soon as the property becomes tenanted The Jolly Landlord will inform all utility suppliers of the tenant’s details including the date they moved in and meter readings, where appropriate.

The responsibility for the utilities will then become the tenants. You will not be responsible for any utilities during void periods within the term of the lease.

What will I be responsible for once the Property is on a Lease?

As the Landlord of the property you will be responsible for ongoing repairs and maintenance, however The Jolly Landlord will provide the first repairs for up to £300 as an incentive to you. You will have the option of dealing with the repairs yourself or alternatively authorising The Jolly Landlord to use one of our approved contractors.

How is my property monitored?

Throughout the term of the lease your property will be inspected every 12 weeks. We also have an out of hours Emergency Phone line which tenants can use to report emergency repairs.

When do I get paid?

We will pay you on the first Friday of every Month.

How do I get paid?

All payments are made by an automated BACS system. Payments will usually take 2-3 working days to clear in to your account.